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Practical tips and advice on protecting team wellbeing in our Autumn 2019 newsletter

Amanda Furness,

This edition of In Equilibrium also includes:
• Some practical tips for having good quality conversations about mental health at work
• Recent blog articles including a book review of “The Invention of Difference: The Story of Gender Bias at Work”
• The benefits of building ‘giving’ into your self-care routine
• Trainer Dot Gourlay provides practical tips and advice on protecting a team’s wellbeing in the busy run up to Christmas
• Some relevant resources include a workplace wellbeing white paper
• An explanation of why news coverage is predominantly negative but journalists should take note of a more upbeat message

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Centenary newsletter includes an article about recovery from mental ill health

Amanda Furness,

This edition of In Equilibrium also includes:
• A look at micro-inequities and their impact in the workplace
• Recent blog articles on mindfulness initiatives and dementia awareness training
• A tip which may help improve your self-talk
• Trainer Dawn Hardman answers a question on recovery from mental ill health in our Ask the Expert
• Some relevant resources include tools for managing work related stress
• Practical tips for re-setting your internal clock if you are a night owl

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