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Tag Archives: Amanda’s Column

“Are we there yet?”

Amanda wonders who’s most worn out by the topic never far from our current headlines and has resorted to that childhood question, “Are we there yet?”.

It’s all happening between the pages in our house!

Even though she sometimes feels that books are taking over her home, Amanda finds that reading the pages of a chance discovery has left a lasting impression.

Do you think Old Father Time would approve?

With the debate about whether we should still be changing the clocks ongoing, Amanda believes a little creative thinking could make all the difference …

So how exactly are we all turning our babies into monsters?

Amanda reflects on an article she read recently and wonders if there’s any truth in the allegation that we’re turning our babies into consumerist monsters.

Good News Stories to Take to the Land of Nod

With most of her time taken up with looking after others, Amanda realises the part laughter and compassion play in her life.

The average woman spends how much?

Amanda reads in an article what the average woman spends on clothes in a lifetime and, having got her breath back, considers how ‘average’ she is.

Are virtual friends good for your mood when travelling?

Amanda has a bad experience with a satellite navigation system which leads her to wonder if she’s better off without a virtual friend on a long journey.

Contradictory advice can become a bit wearing

Amanda finds that scientific studies seem to offer a lot of contradictory advice, maybe there’s something to be said for just making up your own mind … or following the crowd.

Maybe it’s time to reclaim the initiative!

Amanda wonders why people can’t take holidays like they used to and hears about an enterprising idea which may allow us to go back to the good old days before email became king.

Learning to cope with a potentially stressful task

Amanda’s found a new pastime which isn’t exactly offering her any relaxation.

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips

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Resources for Managers

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Meet our Trainers

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