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Management of Wellbeing Training

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1 Day Course

Course Objective

To provide managers with the knowledge and skills they require to improve the wellbeing of their staff while they are at work. After attending the course, managers should be able to construct action plans to minimise risk and enhance wellbeing and satisfaction at work.


The Management of Wellbeing training course increases awareness and understanding of the early warning signs of increased vulnerability (stress and poor mental well-being).  It has been developed around a practical framework, that managers can use to improve the well-being of individuals who work for them.

This training course covers the following four factors, each of which has an influence on an individual’s well-being at work:

  • Their work pressures and demands
  • Their individual characteristics e.g. personality, behaviours, preferences
  • The characteristics of that individual’s line manager e.g. perceived management style, competences
  • Their personal circumstances e.g. significant life events

The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including case studies, scenarios, questionnaires, group discussion, personal reflection and action planning.

  • Duration: 1-day course
  • Capacity: 12 (for optimum benefit)
  • Availability: All our courses are delivered in-house throughout the UK and Europe
  • Customisation: The content can be tailored to meet an organisation’s individual requirements

Who Is It For?

Any who is responsible for others would benefit from Managers Managing Wellbeing Training – Senior Managers, Line Managers, Team Leaders, HR, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Trade Union Representatives.

The framework used in the course has been developed and refined to ensure it is easily understood and applied in the workplace setting.  By focusing on the positive actions managers can take to enhance wellbeing at work for their staff, participants have commented on how interesting and energising they found it.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to get manager’s ‘buy-in’
  • Avoids focusing on a ‘blame culture’ approach
  • It encourages investment in improved working relationships between managers and their staff
  • The training is positively focused and energising
  • Improving wellbeing at work and satisfaction enhances health in general
  • Managers are equipped with practical tools and frameworks they can use

Course Content

  • Context of Course
  • What are ‘wellbeing’ and ‘vulnerability’?
  • Effective Management of Work Pressures
  • Taking account of employee characteristics and behaviours
  • Management behaviours and their influence on satisfaction and well-being
  • Managing increased vulnerability caused by ‘circumstances’
  • Bringing it all together
  • Evaluation and close

Contact us about this course

Discuss aspects of this course with us

Discuss aspects of this course with us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this training course please contact Alastair Taylor on Tel: 0131 476 5027  or e-mail: [email protected]

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What people say about In Equilibrium


“Valuable and well received by both managers and individuals. The content included a good mix of theory and practical discussion and the workbooks and other resources are useful materials which will help in the future.”

Delegate Comments: Management of Wellbeing Training

“The stress management tips were very practical and easy to practice”
“I was able to clearly see benefits and therefore make connection between theory and application.”
“Helpful tools to use with team and on me”

Julian Housing

“The facilitator was very engaging with a wealth of experience and resources to hand, which she was able to use flexibly to support the issues raised throughout the day. All managers reported that the training had been incredibly useful in helping us to develop and grow through a period of considerable change.”

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Customer Comments

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