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Stress – Customised Training

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In addition to our range of stress management courses for both managers and employees, we are always delighted to work with organisations to create a course designed specifically to fulfill their exact criteria.  Sometimes this entails adding/omitting certain elements of one of our current courses whilst on other occasions it may mean devising a bespoke course from scratch.

For example, a company within the aerospace industry had a training requirement for managers with an engineering background.  It was felt that the content of our current course needed to be modified in order to include more empirical evidence to back up the resilience and work-life balance principles included.  The final course content included greater emphasis on using cognitive based tools and techniques to manage stress.

In our work for an energy distribution company, we were advised that the organisation’s culture included providing ‘Soft Skills’ training for employees which had been both popular and effective.  We were requested to provide a course for line managers that enabled them to reduce the risk of stress for their teams and the organisation using HSE Management Standards for Stress principles.  The course was also required to provide the managers with work-life balance ‘soft-skills’ to manage their own stress.  The course we provided was a composite course including selected aspects of the Stress Management Training for Managers and Work-life Balance and Health courses.

In the instance of an organisation only requiring to train one or two individuals, it may be more practicable to set up some coaching sessions.

Please feel free to contact Alastair Taylor on Tel: 0131 476 5027 for an informal discussion about how we could best fulfill your requirements.
Alternatively, contact Alastair by e-mail: [email protected]


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