4 ways your work could benefit from resilience training

4 ways your work could benefit from resilience training

Posted by Amanda Furness


In today’s pressured workplace, it’s easy to keep your head down and try to plough through an ever-increasing workload, or even realise that you and your team could benefit from new ways of working but never finding the time to either research what they may be or justify their expense within your training budget.

So we thought it may be useful to highlight some of the learning outcomes you can expect from attending our practical Developing Personal Resilience training course together with providing some comments from previous delegates as to why they have found the course enlightening.

4 benefits resilience training can bring

  1. A more flexible, creative and positive approach to change
    Various elements of the course will create an awareness of your approach to change and how, by building your resilience, this can be more positive with the ability to transform any situation into an opportunity.
  2. Increased performance via efficient management of workload and other commitments
    Learning about the importance of knowing and implementing your own boundaries, as well as respecting other people’s. This, together with an understanding of the importance of developing the 7 resilience skills, will help you become more efficient with both managing your workload and other commitments.
  3. Enhanced realistic optimism and can-do attitude
    By learning what realistic optimism is and spending time considering the thinking traps you can fall into, you will see the importance of developing this mindset and the knock-on effect it will have to improving your problem solving and creativity skills.
  4. Become more level-headed and calm under pressure
    You will become aware that developing the ability to identify your feelings and, where necessary, control them can greatly enhance both your performance and your relationships with others. This, together with an understanding of the benefits that mindfulness can bring to building your resilience, will help your ability to perform when under pressure without resulting in a personal toll to your wellbeing.

Benefits of attending resilience training in the words of previous delegates

  • “I feel the course helped me to see things in different ways and gave me some practical ideas on ways to approach the behaviours I’d like to change.”
  • “Dawn had some great techniques for looking at scenarios in a different light.”
  • “The excellent tutor made the session incredibly interesting and rewarding. It changed my whole demeanour and attitude to all the changes going on around me and those that involve me. I came out feeling different and I thank her for that.”
  • “I will handle change with a more positive outlook and hopefully have better relationships with certain staff members and clients as appropriate.”
  • “Well worth spending the time – it could be life-changing!”


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