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A round-up of our Soft Skills Training Courses for 2019


We have recently created a new page on our website which brings together our selection of soft skills training courses.

On this page you will find a selection of training which will help those who attend with various people skills including communication, tolerance to change, leadership and teamwork.  By their very nature, soft skills need practice to be improved and can be harder to learn than their ‘hard’ skill equivalents.  This is why the delivery style of these courses is so important.

Our trainers are all specialists in their field and, although PowerPoint slides may be used to highlight the central themes, the delivery style of our courses is to use experiential exercises, questionnaires, videos and interactive trainer-led discussions.  The exercises usually involve participants working in pairs or larger groups to discuss the issues and complete tasks and activities.  We also provide each participant with a course workbook which usually include space for their thoughts and to record key learning points, as well as an Action Planning exercise for post training reference.

You can view our selection of soft skills training courses here.

Previous comments we have received from delegates who have attending various of our soft skills training courses include:

I found the whole day invaluable” –Mentoring Skills in the Workplace

Sharing ideas and concerns and providing valuable ways of dealing with people and courageous conversations we might have.” – Assertive Communication at Work

Fantastic” – Motivating Yourself and Others

Learnt a lot about my management skills” – Managing and Developing Successful Teams

Our staff were highly impressed by the trainer’s professional approach and her skills as a facilitator” – Managers Managing Change


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