Articles – 2014 Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips

Articles – 2014 Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our first edition of In Equilibrium in 2014 featured external articles which gave some mental health and wellbeing tips for getting through the winter; the results of a Court ruling on Disability and Work-related stress; and some actions you can take should someone’s addiction to their phone or tablet cause you stress in a social situation.

Six Tips for New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Mental Health

Whether you’re a lover or hater of New Year’s resolutions, following these 6 practical tips throughout 2014 may help you to relieve stress and improve your mental wellbeing.

“Blue Monday” claimed to be the most depressing day of the year

This article suggests a few practical changes you can make if you find the lack of sunlight and shorter days during the winter months cause you to feel down.

January is such a depressing month. How do I get through it?

A question many of us ask has been tackled with humour and practicality in this short question and answer in Management Today.

Court Rules on Disability and Work-related stress

The findings of an Employment Appeal Tribunal have recently been overturned by the Court of Appeal in a discrimination case between an employee suffering from work-related stress and his employers, who had relied on advice from their external occupational health advisers.

When someone’s tech addiction causes you stress

If you’ve ever felt that someone’s fixation with their phone or tablet during a social event has ruined your enjoyment of the occasion, this article offers some solutions should it happen again in the future.