Articles – Stress Tips, Bullying at Work & Wellbeing Apps

Articles – Stress Tips, Bullying at Work & Wellbeing Apps

Posted by Amanda Furness


Our Spring edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which have found that stress may be contagious; suggest an area employers could highlight when tackling bullying and harassment issues; look at how you may be able to use your mobile phone to keep you healthy; and provides a link to a talk which discusses why you may be able to make stress your friend.

Top 10 tips on how to deal with work/office stress

A quick, clear reminder of ten actions you can take, remembering that this article was published overseas and that, in the UK, we can potentially re-write the initial phrase of tip number 8 as “Over the next few months,”!

Stress is not just toxic, it’s also contagious, research finds

A very short Question & Answer session looks at how this is possible and what we can do about it.

Is it time to stamp out bullying at work?

In this article one point which is often overlooked by employers who are trying to tackle bullying and harassment is highlighted “… it is surprising that more is not made of this by employers trying to get the message through …”

Does your mobile phone keep you healthy?

The EU has launched a consultation to find out how people are using Smartphone apps and tablets to improve their wellbeing, for example, using a health app to monitor your blood pressure. A link is included at the end of the article to allow users to take part in their survey.

How to make stress your friend

In this contentious TED talk, Kelly McGonigal, argues that it is not stress itself which poses a serious health risk but an individual’s belief in the harmful effects of stress. So if an individual were to change their perception of the effect of stress rather than trying to eliminate stress from their life, they could save themselves from a potential premature death.