Articles – Tips to Relieve Stress and Keep Your Mind Sharp

Articles – Tips to Relieve Stress and Keep Your Mind Sharp

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our late Summer edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles discussing whether UK workers could stick to a four-day working week; three food and drink-related tips to relieve stress; why leadership is the key to a healthy working environment; ten ways to keep your mind sharp; and whether numbers and surveys on how stressed we are at certain ages should be believed.

Would UK workers stick to a four-day working week?

According to one of Britain’s leading doctors, we should only work four days per week to reduce stress and allow us to have more time for the important things in life. But with the biggest gap of all the EU members between our collectively agreed hours and the actual time we spend working, is it likely?

Three tips to remove stress throughout the day

Some handy food and drink-related tips to help relieve stress – one for breakfast-time, one for lunch and a third for the evening.

Leadership key to good mental health

An article from Australia shows why a healthy work environment starts at the top.

10 Ways to keep your mind sharp

Articles like this always act as a good reminder and tip 5 should help many of us feel a lot less guilty! (It’s one of those sets of tips where you need to click the side arrows rather than scroll down the page.)

Super stressed at 34? Tell me about it

Should we believe in numbers and surveys or just learn to accept and deal with life’s ups and down’s as they come along?