Articles – Workplace Harassment, Avoid Burnout and Downtime Tips

Articles – Workplace Harassment, Avoid Burnout and Downtime Tips

Posted by Amanda Furness


Our Spring edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which have found that workplace harassment is rarely caused by the incompatibility of staff; why Global leaders are including well-being in their definition of success; statistics regarding the impact of commuting on our well-being; how to avoid burnout when things aren’t going according to plan; and our Prime Minister’s top downtime tips.

Workplace harassment due to organisational structure

A new paper, which studied workplace harassment literature from a 25 year period, has found that when harassment in the workplace occurs, it is often not caused by the incompatibility of staff members.

In a burned out world, Global leaders make room for well-being in their definition of success

Discover the meaning of “karoshi”, a condition we don’t yet have a specific word for, and why business leaders around the world are reconsidering their views on time off, sleep quantity and meditation.

Why do we find commuting so horribly stressful?

Sorry if we’ve caught you on a day when your commute wasn’t all it might have been, but a thought provoking article and one in which we learn that the Office for National Statistics has come up with some surprising figures – those with long commuting times may just have had the last laugh.

Know the signs of stress and avoid a breakdown

We all know it’s easier to cope and carry on when we’re winning, but how do we avoid burnout when things don’t go according to plan?

David Cameron’s Top Downtime Tips

In the interests of political correctness, we couldn’t possibly comment and will leave it up to you to decide if you find his tips helpful.