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Autumn newsletter aims to be a haven of positivity and calm


Welcome to our Autumn newsletter which includes:

  • A motivational wellbeing tip
  • Details of a new stress management in-house course for our current times
  • Links to our most recent blog articles
  • Specialist trainer, Karen Barr explains how learning mindful techniques may benefit work performance
  • Links to helpful toolkits, resources and articles
  • And finally … an inspiring story which illustrates why we should never give up on our dreams


Equilibrium News
In addition to our range of in-house courses, which can now also be delivered virtually, we have introduced an open programme of short, online courses.
These are proving particularly popular for:
– organisations with too few employees to arrange an in-house course
– new starts in an organisation who missed the original in-house training provided
– decision makers looking to sample the course before rolling it out within their organisation

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information or a discussion about your requirements.


New Course – Training to Manage Covid Fatigue and Coronanxiety

This 2-hour course explores the many different responses to the current pandemic environment.
Interactive and suitable for all, it aims to help delegates understand that many of the symptoms are to be expected in the circumstances, and that understanding these and recognising what we do have control over can help us make lifestyle choices that will protect our mental and physical health.



Recent articles added to our blog

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Managing Declarations of Suicide and Self-harm
Working from Home: A Wellness Action Plan
Resilience and the Adversities of Life
World Mental Health Day 2020
Virtual Training is Bringing Teams Together
Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace; a live, virtual course



Wellbeing Tip

Wellbeing Tip
This edition’s tip suggests a simple, yet effective, way to reflect on your progress each day in order to increase your motivation and lift your mood.

Read it here

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Ask The Expert

A hovering red kite - How would learning mindful techniques benefit my performance at work?
In our latest Ask the Expert Q&A, specialist trainer and executive coach, Karen Barr explains how learning mindful techniques may benefit work performance.

Read Karen’s answer here

Have a look at our archive of Ask the Expert Q&A’s


Amanda’s Column

A green sofa in a living room for Amanda's column on delayed gratification


Amanda discovers that even for a believer in delayed gratification, there is a limit.





Resources to support mental health of employees through Covid and beyondView this edition’s resources here.  They include links to:
– The results of the CIPD and Simply Health’s health & wellbeing at work 2020 survey
– A guide to how businesses can support staff who may be facing trauma
– A toolkit for business leaders and managers to support the mental health of employees during and beyond Covid-19
– A toolkit to answer the question, as a workplace how do we become actively anti-racist?



A cup of black coffee on a wooden board with macaroons and some sprigs of greenery with a note displaying the message enjoy the little things“No matter how bleak or menacing a situation may appear, it does not entirely own us. It can’t take away our freedom to respond, our power to take action.”
Ryder Carroll, Digital Product Designer

“Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the fruits.”
Kirpal Singh, Author


Other short reads which may be of interest

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4 ways to invest in employee mental health
How supporting your greatest resource in response to Covid-19 can help unlock competitive advantage.
Don’t let micro-stresses burn you out
Helps you to identify the micro-stressors in your life and provides suggestions for how you can mitigate them.
Restore your sense of control – despite the pandemic
Includes tips for employees, managers and organisations.
You’re persistent and you’re passionate but do you have the third critical trait needed for business success?
We won’t spoil what it is but the article has a useful acronym with tips for how to use it during these current times.

… and finally …

A bottle on its side with multi-coloured microlights inside and a piece of card with the word Dream as its stopper


A heart warming story which reminds us that we should never give up on our dreams!



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The crucial role of active bystanders in the workplace

April 19, 2024

A look at Active Bystander training and how it can help individuals challenge unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, helping to create a healthier and more inclusive work environment free from behaviour that causes discomfort or distress.

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They may not be apple or key lime, but Ted Pies can really help your communication skills

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In this article, we include a visual illustrating what the acronym Ted Pies stands for and look at how it can be used to benefit workplace wellbeing.

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Winter newsletter has tips to boost workplace wellbeing

February 13, 2024

The latest edition of our quarterly newsletter aims to boost workplace wellbeing with tips, resources and a story to warm your heart.

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