Away Days – How In Equilibrium workshops can add interest & engagement

Away Days – How In Equilibrium workshops can add interest & engagement

Posted by Amanda Furness


“We all thoroughly enjoyed it and have been speaking about it since we came back to work! We each got so much from the course and it affected us all differently. It was a total success and led to a better experience for us all to get to know each other better.”

“My colleague and I found it really interesting and inspiring. It has really motivated us to make necessary changes, mainly in the working environment but personal ones too.”


These two quotes were received from participants who had attended our “One-day Introduction to Mindfulness” and “Developing Personal Resilience” workshops.

They illustrate how our workshops can be used to gain interest and engagement in the Away Day setting by increasing both individual self-awareness and team relationships. The benefits are self-evident for not only the individuals and teams concerned but also for the organisation as a whole.

We know from many years’ experience how valuable participants find the time they spend outwith their working environment learning and discussing the areas covered by In Equilibrium workshops.

Which workshops are suitable for an Away Day?

As all our workshops can be tailored to exactly what customers require, we can offer many different options:
1.5 hr short workshops e.g. Wellness: Creating Optimum Energy
Half-day workshops e.g. Developing Personal Resilience
Full-day workshops e.g. Mindfulness for Performance and Wellbeing

The benefits of holding Away Days

Away Days Ingredients

We have written a complementary post for those who are considering including a Team Away Day in their rewards or development programmes, you can read it here “What’s the recipe for a successful Team Away Day?

If you would like to discuss how one of our workshops could benefit your next Team Away Day, please either phone 0131 476 5027, email or complete our website contact form.