Bullying at Work Behaviours

Bullying at Work Behaviours

Posted by Amanda Furness

The latest addition to our video channel is a short film which is under three minutes long and poses the question, “Bullying at work, would you be able to recognise it?”

Obvious bullying at work behaviour is considered but some more subtle behaviours are also put under the spotlight.

Common bullying behaviours include:

  • verbal abuse
  • humiliating or ridiculing others
  • physical attacks
  • persecution through threats and fear
  • inappropriate comments about career prospects, job security or performance appraisal reports


More subtle bullying at work behaviours include:

  • reducing the job to routine tasks below the person’s skills and capabilities
  • taking the credit for someone else’s work
  • deliberately with-holding information that a person needs to do their job properly
  • excessive supervision and being overly critical about minor things
  • freezing out, ignoring or excluding

Our valuable page consisting of bullying awareness resources is available here