Case Study : Coaching for Building Positive Relationships and Developing People

Posted by Amanda Furness

A Sales Director had requested coaching to help him build better relationships, deal with conflict, and develop his team to improve service and increase sales. Having agreed clear outcomes for the coaching, we explored his values, skills and strengths. We completed activities to raise his levels of self-awareness and understanding and appreciation of others. The client learned which of his beliefs were holding him back and replaced these with more useful ones that would help him achieve his goals. We invested some time developing skills and techniques to help him communicate more effectively and manage his own and his team’s performance.

At the end of the programme the client said that the coaching had helped him ‘take more control of his life’. He reported feeling more confident and content and was achieving more win:win outcomes in both his business and personal relationships. The company director who sponsored the coaching programme said: “His personal growth has benefited the company tremendously. He has grown in confidence, takes responsibility for his actions, faces demanding challenges and follows through. He is asserting his position yet still retaining the character that makes him so popular.” After the coaching, the client went on to exceed what had been considered stretching sales targets for the year and was looking forward to another demanding and successful year with renewed confidence and vigour.