Course Expectations and Learning Outcomes: Developing Resilience – Training for Managers

Course Expectations and Learning Outcomes: Developing Resilience – Training for Managers

Posted by Amanda Furness


In the words of our delegates … what will you do differently as a result of this workshop?

In the third article of this series, we are pleased to be able to bring you comments from delegates which summarise the expectations and learning outcomes from our 1 day in-house training course Developing Resilience: Training for Managers.

The comments were gathered via online evaluations, enabling delegates to consider the benefits of the training before providing their feedback.

Key messages from delegates’ comments:

Managers and Team Leaders were keen to attend this course to improve their approach to difficult situations and help their team members become more resilient, especially when faced with organisational change or increased workload.

Following the training, delegates felt empowered to share the techniques with their team members to improve optimism and strengthen the resilience of their team members. Responding to situations rather than reacting and empathising with colleagues and employees were also highlighted as important actions.

Course description:
This course enables delegates to enhance existing resilience skills and learn new techniques to equip them to deal with challenges in the workplace. Throughout the course, delegates will consider how they can apply these skills to develop resilience in their teams.

Why did you want to attend this workshop?

  • To develop my managerial skills and personal resilience to assist team / myself to deal with the pressures of a demanding office environment and to put into practice what the course taught to assist with this goal
  • To learn how to deal with difficult situations
  • To help develop my resilience for coping with difficult times and how to assist my team to be resilient
  • Helpful reflection time, and for linking with other managers; wanted to review and update skills
  • At the time the course was advertised it was apparent that a major shake-up of my service was likely as part of the restructuring – advice on developing strategies for coping in what was likely to be a stressful time, both on a personal basis but more importantly team perspective, seemed a sound idea
  • To see if there were things I could do differently in the work place to be more resilient
  • To learn how to take a different approach when dealing with problems at work, how to look at them differently
  • I have taken time off due to stress, and I’m aware some of my team has, so I wanted to understand how I might help prevent recurrences
  • I am currently managing two teams and both are going through major change, my boss thought the course would help me cope
  • To learn and develop skills which would make me more resilient in my management style
  • To refresh my skills for dealing with excessive workloads
  • To improve the way I work

What will you do differently as a result of this workshop?

  • Will be trying to lead by example and to promote the positive techniques shared
  • Research into some of the support materials suggested on the course and possibly look at doing some work with the rest of the staff in personal resilience
  • Empathise more with needs / issues of colleagues and try and be more supportive and all-round better manager of staff
  • Reach out more – I tend to take everything on myself and try and solve everything in my own head, the course made me realise that by doing that I am making it harder for myself and by reaching out to others and allowing them to support me I might be able to avoid reaching breaking point
  • Have a more positive outlook and encourage this in my team
  • Learn to take a step back, look at a situation from all angles and then try and sort it out calmly
  • More aware of how to “talk to” colleagues in certain situations
  • Think before jumping in; use techniques for reducing my initial reactions to situations
  • Apply some of the techniques personally and aim to impart what I learned about resilience to my team members
  • Be aware of my limitations


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