Dealing with Criticism at Work

Dealing with Criticism at Work

Posted by Jan Lawrence

The first point to remember and, it can be easier said than done, is that getting defensive may make you look uncooperative. Try to remember that although being defensive might be a natural tendency, if you become emotional it will be hard to remain logical.  It is important to really listen to what is being said and to reflect on it.

If you realise there is some truth in what you are told, remember that humans do make mistakes and that you are only human.  However, the important element to take forward, and which will develop you as a person, is to reflect on the feedback and decide on the actions you will take to learn from the criticism given and reassure your boss that you will do your best to make sure it won’t happen again.

The positive side of criticism is that it can help you evolve in your role, thereby improving your efficiency and accuracy.  Remember though that learning to accept criticism does not mean that you accept the blame for mistakes you haven’t made.  This is where maintaining your self-control will help you to assess feedback rationally, ask for examples and discuss when that feedback is not accurate.