Don’t bottle up your feelings

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Don’t bottle up your feelings, talk them through with a friend or write them down.

Mentally replay the experience as if you are watching yourself in a movie, you might be able to find a different but more helpful view on what is happening.
Ask yourself: “What can I learn from this?  What might be the lesson here? What could I do differently next time?”
Imagine yourself handling the situation differently, and getting a better outcome.
Mentally rehearse the ways you would handle such a situation should it ever happen again.

Amongst the many benefits of learning from difficult experiences, we will feel more confident from knowing that we have survived adversity; and our courage for facing future setbacks will grow from our new found strengths.

So when things are going well and you are asked if you want a cup of tea, smile, and be thankful that it’s only the tea bag that’s in the hot water … for now!