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Dr David Mason Brown – a valued colleague remembered

Dr David Mason Brown was a founding director of In Equilibrium who sadly passed earlier this year. We pay tribute to this remarkable man whose wellbeing workshops were described as 'life changing' by many of those who attended them.

Photograph of Dr David Mason Brown in front of a full bookcase

Dr David Mason Brown
1941 - 2022

Approaching year end and imminent Christmas get togethers is always a time when our thoughts turn to those who won't be joining us this year.

The Equilibrium team were deeply saddened in April to learn of the passing of Dr David Mason Brown. David was one of the founding directors of In Equilibrium when we started out in 1998.

Many who attended David's wellbeing courses before his retirement in 2015 will remember him as a passionate and knowledgeable trainer who made a memorable impression on all those he encountered.

This customer feedback is typical of those we regularly received following David's courses,
"The day has been described by staff as 'the best workshop they have ever attended'. Dr Mason Brown really engaged with the group, sharing his extensive and absolutely fascinating knowledge. The course content was extremely thought provoking and everybody left feeling positive and energised to take control of their personal wellbeing."

Fellow founding director Alastair Taylor has penned the following tribute to this great man.

"I lost count of the number of times people told me that David Mason Brown changed their lives. I found this personally rewarding because I was indirectly associated with him. The real credit was, of course, David's.

Imagine having the ability to 'change someone's life'? What a gift to have. Dr David Mason Brown received this compliment on many occasions both through the group workshops he delivered and when he helped people on a one-to-one basis.

Apart from caring for his family, David's raison d'etre was to help and inspire everyone he came into contact with. Following extensive personal research, David discovered that many of the best strategies for combating stress were rooted in complementary approaches to health and wellbeing.

Back in the late 1990's, convincing hardnosed business managers that non-conventional techniques were good for them and their colleagues could be a real challenge. But it was one which David managed with his unique brand of infectious enthusiasm, peppered with entertaining anecdotes and stories. Key to David's success as a trainer was his contagious fervour and total belief in the advice he proffered.

One of David's biggest challenges was how to introduce corporate delegates to complementary health techniques he knew would help them but all the while maintaining conventional credibility. The use of 'dowsing' was a case in point. Although this is a fairly common diagnosis technique in France, it is viewed with scepticism in the UK and corporate clients objected to it.

So, although David agreed to remove it from his workshop content, we were perplexed when we still received the odd anti-dowsing feedback from clients. It turned out that David demonstrated some dowsing during the training course breaks ... 'at the request of the delegates'!

David knew dowsing could help people and that was more important to him than commercial expediency. He believed he had found an acceptable way around the issue!

Over the years, I spent many days with David at his home in North Berwick helping him to prepare new training workshops. Although in theory this was work, I will never lose the feeling of inner contentment I experienced just from spending time with him. My job was to help ensure that his presentations were a commercial success. David was solely focused on sharing with the participants the knowledge he passionately believed would improve their health."

Dr David Mason Brown was a treasured colleague whose generosity with both his knowledge and time was not only shared with the learners in his workshops. All members of the In Equilibrium team benefitted from his wisdom and advice on a personal level, not to mention his wonderful company and entertaining stories at our social get togethers. He is dearly missed and will continue to be fondly remembered by us all.


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