Motivation for Equality & Diversity Training

Motivation for Equality & Diversity Training

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Research shows that diverse organisations and teams can unleash innovation, entrepreneurship and employee wellbeing.  Diversity includes everyone and it is much more than a tick-box exercise.  The CIPD has recently commented that “There is a compelling business case which should encourage organisations to look beyond legal compliance with anti-discrimination laws to a value-added approach enabling competitive benefits to be gained from developing good practice” and that “Employees who sit on the sidelines regarding diversity will quickly become less attractive to existing and prospective employees.”

A Positive Contribution

For any organisation which aims to provide an environment which respects and values the positive contribution of all its members, training in equality and diversity is a key objective.  Our one day Equality and Diversity training gives managers and employees at all levels of an organisation an understanding of the key issues and individual responsibilities to positively promote equal opportunities and diversity.

The following are a few of the comments we have recently received from participants to our in-house equality and diversity training:

“Nervousness transformed into confidence!”

“It was a very eye-opening course and made me realise how many things go on that I haven’t noticed before.”

“Good mix of theory and real life examples to illustrate important and complex issues.”

“I will reflect on the subject as a whole and be much more sensitive and thoughtful to the issues raised.”

“Think more about the way I treat people as well as have the courage to speak to others about how they treat me.”

Experts in the Field

Our equality and diversity training is delivered by experts in the field who will come to you wherever you are based in the UK.  Our trainers are passionate about enlightening others to the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace.  Eve Winston explains the motivation behind her training,

“As far back as I can remember, I have always had an Interest in issues of fairness and equality. This may be partly due to my personal history, being the off-spring of immigrant parents who came to this country in the late 1950’s, and partly due to the values of respect, kindness and inclusion I gained during my formative years from parents, school and the community in which I grew up.

Living and working abroad as a young adult helped me to appreciate the richness and variety of different cultures, and the many things we all can contribute and learn from each other.

However, it was essentially through employment in education that I became more involved in this area; reaching out to underrepresented groups; helping to facilitate access to opportunities and services; challenging unfair and inappropriate behaviour; and empowering people to reach their full potential.

Working in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion is interesting and challenging. No training session is the same, with different issues, concerns and questions to be explored. What I find particularly rewarding about my work, is that each session provides an opportunity to make the workplace a happier, safer and more productive environment for everyone.”

You can view our equality and diversity trainers’ profiles by clicking on either their name or image below.

Eve Winston - Expert Trainer


Eve Winston




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Shelagh Prosser




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