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Equality & Diversity LP

Equality & Diversity Training Courses

We are able to offer both training and consultancy to help organisations promote a positive approach to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace, as well as an understanding of the impact of unconscious bias.

The CIPD are clear that there is a strong business case for an effective diversity and inclusion strategy, it is a key component in becoming an employer of choice:

“Employers who sit on the sidelines regarding diversity will quickly become less attractive to existing and prospective employees.” 

It takes a special kind of trainer to bring this subject alive and engage delegates, something online training often misses, we can offer such trainers.

Feedback from recent courses reflect their talent and our aim of helping organisations to build confidence by increasing understanding and awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:

“Fantastic trainer, really enjoyed it, thanks!”

“Very instructive and eye-opening – thank you very much”

“Nervousness transformed into confidence”

Equlity & Diversity Training

Adopting a supportive, pragmatic yet fun approach, this 1-day course is suitable for everyone in an organisation. It will give participants an understanding of the key issues and individual responsibilities in positively promoting equal opportunities and diversity, includes issues relating to working with diverse teams and customers, and covers all the equality strands.

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Overcoming Unconscious Bias Training

This 1-day course demonstrates the benefits of tackling the effects of unconscious bias to avoid discriminatory acts in business and the workplace. It is particularly suited to those involved in leadership, recruitment, selection and promotion but can also be targeted at employees, chiefly those who have a front-line customer service role.

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Equality & Diversity Consultancy

For those employers looking to create a diverse and inclusive workplace which complies with current equality legislation, we can offer a range of consultancy services. These include diagnostic analysis, strategy and policy development, action planning, project evaluation and stakeholder engagement & partnership working.

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