Posted by Jan Lawrence

From positive psychology research, we have learned that gratitude can help people to feel more positive emotions, enjoy pleasant experiences, enrich their health, handle adversity and build robust relationships.

Regardless of the current, or inborn, level of your feelings of gratitude, it’s a quality which can be developed further with a little practice.  In the current climate of believing happiness and satisfaction cannot be reached until every physical and material need is met, gratitude helps you to refocus on what you have rather than what you don’t have.

So, why not take a moment to either physically or mentally write a thank you letter to someone whose presence in your life you value, it could even be to yourself.  To develop your feelings of gratitude, try to sit down once a week and think about three things which went right for you or that you’re grateful for.  Write them down and try to express how you felt when these good things happened to you.  Youll find that with use and practice, gratitude is a mental state which will grow stronger.