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Group training: an opportunity to reflect and connect with colleagues

As we review our training evaluation forms, what strikes us are the positive comments from delegates about ‘connecting with colleagues,’ ‘sharing best practice,’ ‘engaging with others’ on the training courses. Participants on an in-house training course relish the opportunity to step aside from their daily routine and focus their thoughts and energy in a group learning environment, without the regular interruptions which occur in the workplace. As we are now more inclined to be working on tasks alone on a computer or machine, or only corresponding with colleagues via email or teleconference, getting together with fellow workers, face-to-face, on a training course is an invaluable way to rebuild relationships and share ideas.

Benefits to the business

On occasions, delegates comment that they have experienced a ‘eureka moment,’ during our training courses, where they discover a better way of managing a process or situation. When working in a fast-paced environment, there isn’t always the opportunity to challenge the way we do things. During a training course, delegates have the opportunity to examine their behaviour and discuss alternative approaches with colleagues. There are numerous comments in our evaluations from delegates who say that they will use new techniques in team meetings, 1:1s and induction programmes, as well as sharing their knowledge with their wider teams. Many feel inspired to research topics further, such as managing mental health in the workplace, and in the case of Mindfulness training, delegates leave the course with an action plan for their own Mindfulness practice.

Expert Facilitators

There is a huge benefit derived from attending a group training course, as opposed to relying solely on e-learning and reading. Our Trainers are expert facilitators and are keen to ensure everyone on their training course is comfortable with expressing their ideas and that their contribution is valued. Their aim is to ensure that all participants meet their objectives and leave the training course with an action plan and signposts to further resources for ongoing development.

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How will the office survive without me for a day?

It can be a difficult decision to take a day away from deadlines to focus on a topic when you have a ‘to-do list’ which is never ending. However, the feedback we have reviewed from delegates in high pressure roles, shows the benefits of taking that time out far outweigh the catch up in workload after the training. Delegates have reported feeling ‘inspired,’ ‘energised,’ and ‘motivated,’ after attending our training, enabling them to handle the demands of their work more positively.

When you feel as if you cannot tear yourself away from your daily tasks and the business will ‘fall apart’ without you, just imagine you have an important offsite meeting with the CEO and that you have to leave work – you have no option. Sometimes we need to alter our mindset, pay attention to self-care and take a step back to move forward.

Comments from delegates

Here are some recent comments from our evaluation forms which reflect the confidence the participants have gained from attending an in-house training course:

‘The Trainer was brilliant – extremely knowledgeable, had lots of examples of experience and was really engaging – I wanted to know more. Course has really helped me understand some of the behaviours of individuals in my team and has given me the confidence and resources to help and support them in future.’

‘I found the whole day full of very interesting and valuable information that I am able to take with me to use in my working practice and also personal. Excellent booklets to keep and handouts.’

‘Overall, I loved how it brought everyone together and felt there was one goal. Some Trainers don’t gain the trust of groups which leads to lack of interaction, but the Trainer put everyone at ease.’

‘I really liked the variety of learning activities, the wonderful rapport our Trainer built with the group and the range of topics covered. There was a wealth of new insights and the attention to our individual needs was impressive.’

‘The style of delivery worked well and the relaxed atmosphere made it easier for people to discuss difficult things without worrying about being judged.’

‘The Trainer provided lots of opportunities for group discussion and feedback. All points were fully addressed. A fantastic day and a very good use of my time. Thank you for challenging me and getting me to re-think.’

‘Good environment where people felt free to talk about different issues. No sense of judgement, just solution orientated.’

‘Very positive. It was also useful to hear colleagues share their experiences as it helps to put what you are learning into practice.’

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