Health and Wellbeing at Work

Posted by Jan Lawrence


We at In Equilibrium are very excited about the many initiatives taking place to encourage organisations to look after the health and wellbeing of all employees.  Our training courses and consultancy can help organisations working towards meeting the criteria of awards such as; the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives, Investors in People, the Welsh Assembly Government’s Corporate Health Standard, the Mindful Employer initiative, and the National Business Award.


What advice and support is available from In Equilibrium?

The link between healthy employees and efficient orgnisations is now an accepted fact.  A healthy promoting workplace produces benefits all round – for the individual, the organisation and local communities.

If you are planning to introduce a Healthy Workplace Programme or you have one that needs a kick-start to get it going again, In Equilibrium can help in the following ways:


  • Securing Board and management support
  • Form and chair a programme steering group
  • Explore and agree priorities
  • Provide a policy template
  • Agree an action plan
  • Monitor and control the implementation of policy and procedures


Read more information about our Workplace Health Promotion services here.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Health and Wellbeing at Work please contact us.