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In Equilibrium Newsletter – Spring 2021 edition

We hope our latest newsletter will put a spring in your step!

Welcome to our Spring newsletter which includes:

  • Details of a new course which explores the complexities of domestic abuse and its relevance to the workplace
  • Links to a selection of our recent blog articles
  • Facilitator and coach, Mark Eyre provides helpful tips for tackling challenging online behaviours and maintaining team spirit whilst working remotely
  • Tips to help improve our listening skills
  • Links to resources for managers and staff on the topic of health in the workplace
  • An article which highlights that we can't be good at everything ... but when we do find a role which utilises our strengths, it's a win-win!


NEW COURSE - Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Cropped faceless image of a female psychologist taking notes with another faceless person sitting alongsideWe have recently introduced training which explores the complexities of domestic abuse, its impact on wellbeing and how to recognise, respond and intervene to support victims in the workplace.

In January, the Government called on employers to “burst the stigma associated with domestic abuse”. Our training offers employers the opportunity to assist them to do so.

Delivered by an experienced subject expert, the content can be flexible with the course length dependent on the topics chosen to be covered. In line with all our courses, training is currently being delivered in a live, virtual, interactive format, with onsite face-to-face training possible if appropriate conditions are fully adhered to.


Recent articles added to our blog

Four tiles each with a letter spelling out the word BLOG set overlapping on a dark grey background- Building growth mindsets to manage pressure
- Managing Burnout: a new, live, virtual course
- Acute, episodic and chronic stress - what's the difference?
- Why understanding the dynamics of domestic abuse is essential in the workplace


Tips to improve our listening skills

The Listening bronze sculptor looked at from behind. A head and shoulders with a hand up, cupped beside the right hand ear to signal listening - for the Listening Skills tip in our Spring newsletter

In this edition, we consider how our improved ability not to talk over each other during online communication provides a great opportunity to improve our listening skills. We offer practical tips.




Ask The Expert

Two hands with a transparent ball cupped in each, one with the word Question and the other Answer; for Ask the Expert: How can team spirit be improved when working remotely?
In our latest Ask the Expert Q&A, facilitator and coach Mark Eyre answers a question on tackling challenging behaviours during online meetings and provides tips for maintaining team spirit during these continued periods of remote working.


Amanda's Column

Two yellow smiley emoji against a grey textile backdrop


Amanda finds truth and comfort from a designer's words in A Secret Worth Remembering.




An assortment of sticky notes and pens mixed up on a table-top for health in the workplace resources in Spring newsletter


For this edition we have focused around the topic of health in the workplace and include:


• Guidance notes for employers on workplace adjustments for mental health conditions
• The latest CIPD Good Work Index
• A Public Health England toolkit to improve current workplace health interventions
• Webinar series bringing to life the standards forming the Mental Health at Work Commitment
• Valuable resources from the Society of Occupational Medicine for returning to the workplace post-lockdown



A yellow flowering desert plant surrounded by gravel


"It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop.”
Dieter F. Uchtdorf, German Aviator


“We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.”
Simone Weil, French Philosopher


Other short reads which may be of interest

Chair and marble topped table with a folded newspaper, pair of folded glasses, a red teapot and a white half-filled cup and saucer with a biscuit perched on it

The Secret to Building Resilience (hbr.org)
Stress and burnout: Tips for employees and employers - FM (fm-magazine.com)
The priority for workplaces in the new normal? Wellbeing | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)
How To Cope With Failure, According To Psychology – Research Digest (bps.org.uk)
What Monkeys Can Teach Humans about Resilience after Disaster - Scientific American
The Pandemic Has Created A New Kind Of Burnout, Which Makes Well-Being More Critical Than Ever (forbes.com)


... and finally ...

A soldier in camouflage uniform crouched down to be level with a black labrador dog and cuddling its head


If you, or anyone close to you, has ever suffered a disappointment from being described as too sociable, lacking focus or having poor concentration … we bring you a tale, or should that be tail, with a happy ending!




Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We are always delighted to hear from our readers, so if you would like to share your comments or suggestions with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: training@in-equilibrium.co.uk.

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