Interactive, Engaging, Live Virtual Training delivered by Subject Experts

Interactive, Engaging, Live Virtual Training delivered by Subject Experts

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We are currently providing interactive, engaging, live virtual training to help organisations support their managers and staff during the Covid 19 pandemic.

These are not ‘off the shelf’ online courses, but offer an interactive experience which is comparable to face to face learning and can combat the effects of isolation wherever delegates are based.

These are NOT recorded webinars, they are live, facilitated training courses which:

  • are developed and delivered by subject experts
  • are interactive training sessions adapted to your organisations specific requirements
  • can clearly signpost delegates to your organisations specific support resources and policies where appropriate
  • include opportunities for group discussion and individual questions throughout the session

All of our courses can be delivered in this live virtual training format.

We deliver training to organisations of all sizes and in all sectors in the following areas: Mental Health Awareness, Developing Resilience, Stress Management, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Tackling Bullying & Harassment.  Our full repertoire of training courses which are also available in live virtual webinar format are listed here

We are also able to offer virtual one-to-one coaching sessions using the same approach.

Please contact us by calling 01383 324 122.  We are happy to discuss your current and potential future training and coaching requirements.  You can also email us at training(@ sign)  Or use our Contact Form here.