Be Prepared!

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Used as the Scout Movement’s motto, it’s a well known phrase to many and a very wise one.  So many stressful situations can be avoided by anticipation and some careful planning.  To help illustrate this tip we will use a couple of examples:

  • Following last year’s winter, you could do nothing and hope we couldn’t be that unlucky twice or you could purchase a snow shovel, some rock salt and make sure you’ve got stock cupboard essentials to last you a few days.  Then, if we do experience Arctic conditions again, you can conserve your energy to clear the snow rather than sitting inside worrying about how you’re going to get out for that evening’s tea.
  • If your computer was to go on the blink would your life as you know it cease to function?  By getting into a routine of regularly backing it up, if you were to suffer this misfortune it would be inconvenient but not a disaster of such magnitude that you incur sleepless nights.

Think through your daily life and, from past experience and a little foresight, try to think of areas where some forward planning could ease the way rather than trusting to luck and the fraught feelings that can bring on when things don’t go your way – it could be as simple as getting into the habit of checking for roadworks/traffic delays so you leave early enough to get to your next appointment on time!