Lifestyle Management – In-house training

Lifestyle Management – In-house training

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Dr David Mason Brown’s Lifestyle Management course.

A multinational company with concern for the health and well-being of an operational team with responsibility for issuing work permits to subcontractors.

The occupational health department approached In Equilibrium to provide intervention services for the team all of whom had been showing signs of work related stress.  A combination of Lifestyle Management training courses and individual one-to-one coaching was used to clarify the main sources of pressure and discuss possible solutions.  During the training sessions group work was used to discuss specific work related issues, their causation and how they affected individual members of the team.

The main work related issues raised were:

  • Increased work-load due to staff reductions
  • Fears about making mistakes
  • Pressure of subcontractors waiting for permits
  • Concerns regarding a possible relocation of their premises

The In Equilibrium consultant was able to assist in reducing personal stress levels by providing a variety of coping mechanisms.  This enabled individual team members to control their anxiety in the workplace and allow them to switch off and obtain quality recovery time at home.  Cognitive reframing was also employed to allow individuals to step back from their individual problems and view the situation from a different perspective.  This allowed a more objective analysis of the facts and helped to generate possible solutions to many of the problems they faced.

After working with the team the In Equilibrium consultant prepared a report for management that highlighted the key issues raised.  On receipt of this report management had discussions with the team and agreed recommendations to address the issues highlighted.  The recommendations included guaranteed comfort breaks, changes in work procedures and temporary support while a key member of the team was on sick leave.  A DSE assessment was also undertaken to make the workplace more ‘friendly’ to work in.