Mental Health Awareness Training for a Recruitment Agency

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Our trainer Michelle Spirit recently delivered our Mental Health Awareness training to a large Recruitment Agency.  This was in the form of 2 half day courses delivered in one day to a total of 18 delegates.  The information below is taken from their feedback forms.

100% of the delegates said they would recommend this course to a colleague.  The score for overall assessment of the trainer as a percentage was 92%.


recruitment sector feedback

Delegate comments

What will you do differently as a result of attending this course?

  • “Be more aware of the signs of mental illness – changes in behaviour etc.”
  • “Listen to my team more, pay more attention”
  • “Get closer to my staff and understand them as a person”
  • “Take a step back and be more considerate of challenges facing that individual.  Be more empathetic”
  • “Get to know my team better and less superficially”
  • “Consider ways to approach those we suspect have challenges.  Spot signs of mental health with myself and others”
  • “Be more conscious of behaviours”
  • “Identify stress triggers for my team and have more open conversations”

How will this training improve your work performance?

  • “I will try to understand my team are human and not robots”
  • “Be more aware of behaviour changes in my team”
  • “Will help me recognise my triggers”
  • “Take actions based on outcomes of the session”
  • “Improved teamwork and help me recognise problems before they get big”
  • “Consider needs and implications of those around me”
  • “Notice triggers”
  • “It has provided lots of food for thought to assist with current practices and challenges”
  • “More awareness of my triggers, behaviours which should allow me to control feelings and be a better manager”

Please describe your overall experience of this course in a sentence below:

  • “Great for bringing to light mental health at work”
  • “eye-opening”
  • “very good- happy I attended”
  • “very useful and well worth the time off desk – full marks”
  • “really enjoyable and informative”
  • “really useful intro to a topic we think we know about but don’t!”
  • “informative and ideas rich”
  • “A good introduction to mental health issues”
  • “very interesting, relevant and insightful”
  • “informative and makes me more confident having such conversations”

For more information on our Mental Health Awareness training courses please contact us on 0131 476 5027 or email us here