Mental Health Awareness Training – Testimonials

Mental Health Awareness Training – Testimonials

Posted by Jan Lawrence

In July, the CIPD released a report which focused on mental health in the workplace and included some statistics which suggest there is still much to do in reducing stigma and increasing awareness. They commissioned a survey of over 2000 employees of which 31% said they had experienced mental health problems whilst in employment.  Of those who described their mental health as poor, 49% have never taken time off work. The most common impacts this had on their work performance were problems with concentration, taking longer to perform tasks and a difficulty in making decisions.

Less than half the respondents felt that their organisation supported the employees experiencing mental health problems either very well or fairly well whilst 20% said that their organisation supported them not very well or not at all.

The report commented that, “The low proportion of organisations that provide training for line managers in managing and supporting people with mental health problems is disappointing: in all just 10% of organisations have this provision in place, according to our survey.”

Our experience of training organisations in Mental Health Awareness, for both managers and all employees, confirms how valuable this can be as illustrated below by some delegate comments. In addition to the handbook received by each delegate during their training, we also aim to offer many free resources on our website and have included a selection of such links below.

Testimonials from our Mental Health Awareness for Managers training course

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the training delivered at our office yesterday. The feedback has been very positive and the managers believe they are now better equipped to identify and deal with such issues.

I now have “significantly more awareness of how to manage situations appropriately

I think all staff should be given this training – not just managers. Excellent training, feel like I came away with real learning.

I found it useful and very informative. Right amount of exercises and theory.

A subject that affects so many people at some stage in their life could be helped/assisted with this training. Helping people to be aware of individuals suffering with mental health, talking about it and HOW to assist the individual and team working with mental health.

Testimonials from our Mental Health Awareness for all Employees training course

The relaxed training style was good where anyone was able to voice their views, so discussions took place. Overall v good session. Trainer was v good and approachable.

I have a better understanding of what help is available to direct people towards, and the best way to communicate with a person during a difficult time for them.

Everyone was very engaged for the whole day and I think this was due to the good balance of discussion and exercises and information giving – the trainer was extremely good at this.”

“It has given me the knowledge to do my work more effectively and understanding of such issues more clearly.”

Free website resources and further reading

We have a blog on our website which is regularly updated with news and articles about management and staff wellbeing. You will find various articles included about mental health awareness, you may also find the following links helpful:

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