New Resources Page – Preventing Bullying at Work

Posted by Jan Lawrence


Our bi-monthly newsletter includes details of current resources and articles which help to increase awareness of bullying and harassment  in the workplace.  We have now created a page on our website which not only draws the information given in our newsletters together but also offers a comprehensive resource page on preventing bullying at work.  The page is divided into the following sections:

  • Raising awareness
  • Bullying at work
  • Different types of bullying behaviour
  • Effect of bullying on the individual
  • Effect of bullying on the organisation
  • Legal support/The Equality Act
  • Myths about bullying at work
  • Suggested alternative management styles and behaviour

As with any such page, we hope to regularly replenish it and would welcome suggestions of any additional articles you may have read on the subject which you found valuable and think others would benefit from too.  Please email us at or complete our online contact form.

Resource pages such as this do require an investment in time to create and we would therefore like as many people to benefit from it as possible.  We are therefore happy for you not only to share this page but to link to it as well.

Our NEW Bullying Awareness Resources page is available here