NEW Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work Resources Page

NEW Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work Resources Page

Posted by Amanda Furness


Five years ago we started a Preventing Bullying at Work resources page on our website which drew together relevant documents and articles we had included in our newsletters, as well as from other sources, to provide a comprehensive resource page on the topic. Over the years this page has been regularly reviewed and has continued to grow.  As we want our resource pages to be clear and easy to navigate, we felt it had got to the stage when it would be better to have a separate resources page relating to the topic of tackling sexual harassment at work.

This new page includes the resources on the topic which were previously found within our Preventing Bullying at Work page but also includes some new resources we felt were relevant and helpful.

As with all our resources pages, we hope to regularly review and replenish it. We would also welcome suggestions of any additional articles on the subject which you found valuable and think others would benefit from. Please email us at or complete our online contact form.

Resource pages such as this do require an investment in time to create and we would therefore like as many people to benefit from it as possible. We are therefore happy for you to not only share this page but to link to it as well.

You can find our NEW Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work Resources Page here.


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