News from the Outside – Diversity, Work & Wellbeing and Equality Act 2010 amendment

News from the Outside – Diversity, Work & Wellbeing and Equality Act 2010 amendment

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our February edition of In Equilibrium highlighted some pertinent external articles regarding the areas of diversity, work & wellbeing together with an impending amendment to the Equality Act 2010:

Two-thirds of UK employers have no formal diversity plan

This article looks at the results of the Government-backed Employment Relations Survey which suggests that UK employers could do more to increase diversity in the workplace.

A link to the first findings of the 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study is available here


Employers must create healthy workplaces to reduce absence

Although aimed at union safety representatives, the TUC’s recently published report “Work and Well-being” aims to promote healthier working and help identify what within workplaces are making staff ill.

The full “Work and Well-being” report is available here


Harassed workers to lose right to bring claim against employers for failing to protect them

In March, the Government is repealing the third party harassment provisions in the Equality Act 2010 as they believe it will help cut red tape and boost business growth.  However, employers still have a duty to protect their staff’s health, safety and wellbeing.


March 1 is Work Your Proper Hours Day 2013

Hard to believe but this is the day this year when the average person who does unpaid overtime starts earning for themselves.  Check out the Worksmart website where you will find further information and some helpful resources, such as a long hours clinic tool and an online balance check; not to mention an unpaid overtime calculator!