News from the Outside – Managing Stress at Work and Stress Awareness Month

News from the Outside – Managing Stress at Work and Stress Awareness Month

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our April edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which looked at the pitfalls of being too sedentary, the benefits of transferring positive self-esteem, why women may be more stressed at work than men, and a suggestion to help employees boost their concentration and finish assigned tasks.

Millions may be making themselves ill by spending their working life sitting down
This article considers the dangers to health that sitting for long periods of time can bring.  Most people’s total soon mounts up when you factor in working, commuting and relaxing.  Solutions are at hand as illustrated by some famous names.

Self-esteem is catching
An uplifting blog from the British Psychological Society which looked at research which has shown there’s an equivalent to partner’s bringing their work stress home with them, upsetting their partner’s mood, and that’s the effect transferring positive self-esteem can have.

Office Stress : His versus Hers
An article in the Wall Street Journal which looks at the results of the recent annual American Psychological Society survey and questions why women seem to be more stressed at work than their male counterparts.

Baby animal pictures may boost focus at work
Researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan have found that staring at cute animal pictures can not only boost concentration but also help employees finish assigned tasks.  So if your mind keeps wandering or you’re struggling to get that assignment finished have a look at these 12 pictures got together for America’s stress awareness month in April.  Bet you can’t get through them without going “Aww” at least once!