News from the Outside – Resiliency Training, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Management

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our June edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which looked at how organisations can benefit from looking after their staff; why employers need to look beyond just offering an Employee Assistance Plan; thoughts on how to get more free time in your day; ten tips to boost your memory at work; and some surprising foods which may help to reduce stress.

Looking after your Employees Mental Wellbeing can add real value to your business
Rick Hughes looks at why, especially in the current economic climate, it is important for employees to feel valued and appreciated at work; and gives a reminder of how employers and organisations benefit from looking after their staff.
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EAP’s Useful but More Proactive Measures Needed to Tackle Stress
Commenting on the Health Wellbeing and Productivity survey carried out by Towers Watson, one of their senior consultants has explained that while many employers have an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) in place, implementing other measures such as resilience training as part of their workforce health & wellbeing approach is also important.
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How to Get More Free Time in Your Day
A recent survey suggested that you need seven hours of leisure time per day to be happy.  Homa Kahleeli recognises that for most people this isn’t possible and looks to specialists to make some practical and viable suggestions as to how you can try to increase yours.
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Ten Tips to Boost Your Memory at Work
In this article, Dr Vicki Culpin suggests her top ten practical tips to help you make sure you don’t forget that client’s name or turn up to a meeting at the wrong time.

Best Healthy Foods to Reduce Stress
We didn’t think any of these incurred too much hardship … and especially liked suggestion numbers one and two!