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Newsletter 84 – Spring 2016 features Workplace Health & Well-being


Welcome to the March edition of In Equilibrium.

Did you know that since 7th January we have been seeing an extra two minutes of daylight each day?  We acknowledge that this isn’t a huge figure in itself, but the ears of those of us struggling with this long, dank winter will prick up when hearing that this results in around an hour of extra daylight by the end of each month … a much more appealing prospect!

Speaking of which, we hope you will find browsing through our latest newsletter another appealing prospect.  A few of the highlights include:

  • Details of our new motivation course
  • A short new video to watch about bullying behaviours
  • A stress management tip for your next tea break
  • Our expert, Sue Butterfield’s, answer to a reader’s flagging motivation at work
  • John Cleese as you may not have seen him before

Details about all our courses and Resources are available on our website.

In Equilibrium News

New Video – Bullying Behaviours You May Recognise

Bullying behaviours you may recognise
Although most of us are aware of the stereotypical behaviours of a bully, we have created this short 3+ minute video to highlight some other behaviours that we perhaps don’t initially associate with bullying.
View our video channel here



New Course – Motivating Yourself and Others

Motivating yourself and others

We have recently introduced a new 1-day course which provides delegates with a revealing insight into their needs and drives and how these can be developed, not just for the individual’s benefit but also for their team’s and the organisation’s as a whole.

The course is suitable for all employees but can also be run for specific groups and tailored to particular workplace situations.


Personal Resilience in an Hour: e-learning

e-learningOur 1-hour Personal Resilience course is fully Scormed and ready to either be added to your own learning management system or to one which we can provide access.

The course offers many benefits from offering users 24/7 access; to being useful for those in remote locations; as well as allowing users to work at their own pace; and, if desired, repeat the whole course as a ‘refresher’ in the future.
You can read more about the course and view a short introductory video here 


Recent Articles Added to our Blog

We have now completed our series of articles on aspects of resilience, the final articles added were:
Resilience Skills: Self-talk, 3 tips to make yours work for you rather than against you

Resilience Skills: Use our acrostic to improve your social support network

Resilience Skills: The importance of having a growth mind-set

Other recent articles added:

Would you and your organisation benefit from a Mindfulness Programme?

Beat stress at work – resources and tips

Resilience – a tool for stressed teachers

Stress Management Mindfulness Tip

Cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows making a smiley face
What did you do on your tea break?

Read our Stress Management Tip here …
Read our tips archive here …


Ask the Expert

Sue Butterfield - Expert trainerIn this edition, consultant and trainer Sue Butterfield offers some motivational tips to a reader who’s finding that recent changes in their organisation have left them feeling inert and constrained.

The Question

“The organisation I work for has recently had to lay off some staff and this, coupled with a reorganisation within my department, mean that my chances of promotion are currently at a standstill.  I have been carrying out my current role for a couple of years and, although I am told that the work my team do is effective, it rarely results in direct feedback from the customer to us.  Obviously, the atmosphere in the department as a whole isn’t great because of the current uncertainty and I find that, although I know I need to be invigorated and continually coming up with new ideas, I am struggling to keep myself and my small team motivated.  Can you offer any tips which would help?”

Read our Ask the Expert Q & A here …

If you found Sue’s answer helpful you may be interested in the following courses:
Motivating Yourself and Others
Managing and Developing Successful Teams

You can read our previous Ask the Expert Questions and Answers here …

Amanda’s Column

Amanda Furness

Amanda finds an article she read recently struck a chord and is now trying to right her wrongs … well in one aspect of her life anyway!

Read Amanda’s Column

The archive of Amanda’s column is available here …


Pile of newspapers

A CIPD policy report looking into the Health and Well-being Agenda as well as a printable poster to encourage people to take breaks are featured.

Click here to see this edition’s resources




Attitude is Everything“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Dr Seuss, American Writer and Illustrator
1904 – 1991

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
William James, Psychologist and Philosopher
1842 – 1910

News from the Outside

PIle of papers with News written across top

Click here to see the following selection of articles:

  • How People Learn to Become Resilient
  • 3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Teach Team Resilience
  • 12 Tips to Reduce Your Stress
  • The Most Toxic Person in the Workplace
  • Training for Mind-Body Resilience
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We are always delighted to hear from our readers, so if you would like to share your comments or suggestions with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: training@in-equilibrium.co.uk.

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