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Posted by Amanda Furness

5 ways to beat stress and make everyday life easier
Eminently readable and helpful article from Srikumar Rao, TED speaker, and author of “Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated and Successful—No Matter What”

Ease stress, fight infection and beat allergies – 8 teas to boost your wellbeing
You’ll find no mention of caffeine but plenty about antioxidants, mental alertness and boosting your immune system, who’d have thought a simple cuppa could offer so much?

Stress won’t kill you – if you handle it right
After numerous nights spent ruminating rather that sleeping, author and journalist Emma Young decided to do something about it. She collected tips from academics, sports psychologists and others as to how to develop resilience.

Employees’ mental health getting worse, say HR professionals
This is according to the results of a People Management Survey, however since 2011, the confectionery giant Mars have managed to reduce mental health-related absence in their sales force and improve their work performance and productivity. Please use the title link to discover how they did it …

5 exercises to build stress resilience
The good news is that it’s not too late to turn around the effects of too long spent sitting in your office chair. The more challenging aspect is getting off that chair and trying the suggestions.

… and finally …

What’s a good inspirational story about stress and stress management?
These two very short but poignant stories offer great reminders that whatever your working day brings or throws at you, put it in perspective as to the part work plays in your life as a whole.
(You need to scroll down through some related questions to get to the second story.)