Newsletter articles – Employee Wellbeing and Managing Stress

Posted by Amanda Furness



Here are the articles featured in our early Summer 2016 edition of In Equilibrium:

7 tricks for staying calm in stressful situations

A handy info-graphic which explains what is going on in your mind when you feel stressed.  It also offers 7 practical techniques to implement when you are faced with a stressful situation

Help your team manage stress, anxiety and burnout

There are some real nuggets in this article from the Harvard Business Review, the phrase “serial monotasking” and the advice “work is not a marathon but a series of sprints that requires recovery and renewal time in between” being but two of them.

Delivering an effective wellbeing strategy: Why it matters

With the positive effect a successful employee wellbeing strategy can have on both engagement and the bottom line being well recognised, this article provides some tips on how it can be delivered.

Wellbeing for GP’s: How the workplace wellbeing charter could help practices

Refreshing reading after all the depressing stories in the press about the state of our NHS.  The message of looking after themselves to help them look after others is obviously pertinent in their workplace but many other organisations could benefit by taking on these practices.

What to eat to beat stress: Asparagus and 7 other foods to keep tensions at bay

We’re not suggesting we’re food angels but we always like to keep up to date on the foods nutritionsits recommend to help our wellbeing.

… and finally …

A heart-warming story which proves that the relationship between humans and their canine companions isn’t just a peculiarly British phenomenon (if the tale of Greyfriars Bobby upset you, you might want to give it a miss!).