Newsletter Articles – Improving the health and wellbeing of employees at work

Newsletter Articles – Improving the health and wellbeing of employees at work

Posted by Amanda Furness

For the external articles featured in our final newsletter of 2016 we used the theme of improving the health and wellbeing of employees at work:

Treating employees like people makes them work like machines

Stuart Crabb turns the negativity bias on its head and, during his time as Director of Learning and Development at Facebook, “championed the philosophy that people are at their best when they are allowed to access their strengths”. In this short 3.5 minute video he explains how he achieved it.

7 things resilient employees do differently

The “lawyer turned burnout prevention expert”, Paula Davis-Laack, teaches resilience skills to professionals in America and in this short article she details 7 resilience practices worth focussing on.

Stress Resilience : The elephant in the boardroom

In this short article, Tricia Woolfrey explains why stress and wellness should be part of the boardroom agenda and lists some early warning signs that board members should be looking out for.

De-stressing the workplace: Employers focus on health and wellbeing

“… The reward (for working) can’t just be pay – that’s shallow …” 4 Irish-based companies explain their individual approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of their employees.

How supervisors can help – or hurt – your recovery from work related stress

Short article from the University of Toronto looking at the results of a recent study which included exploring the important role supervisors play in helping employees recovering at home from workplace stress. “It’s a cautionary tale” John Trougakos, the study’s co-author, warns.

… and finally …

Do you need a green prescription?

When Rachel Halliwell visited her doctor to seek help after becoming overwhelmed by the stress of coping with 3 young children and a full-time job, she came away with some unexpected advice which still enriches her life 10 years on.