Newsletter Articles – Managing Anxiety, Strategies for Success and others

Posted by Amanda Furness


Easy Ways to Manage Anxiety

A useful article from Australia which explains that anxiety may be the most common mental health condition but that doesn’t mean it affects everyone in the same way. It looks at the four areas where symptoms can occur and offers practical tips for each of those areas.

The effects of nutrition on health and wellbeing

A look at why diet is the missing link in the stress cycle and why education of the workforce together with the availability of important key choices can contribute to our health and reduce our levels of stress.

3 strategies for success under stress

Helpful tips can be found in this article which also contains some scary statistics about how many projects the average American has on their plate, how many times an hour they’re interrupted and the number of times they unlock their phone during the course of a day – check out how you compare.

Everything you do to fight stress is wrong

An article from New Zealand which suggests that we need to learn to turn off the stress response in order to experience an easing in our feeling of stress and recommends a good tip to achieve this – 1 in 90 may be the ratio to remember here!