Newsletter Articles – Team Resilience, Toxic Workers and others

Newsletter Articles – Team Resilience, Toxic Workers and others

Posted by Amanda Furness


Here are the articles featured in our Spring 2016 edition of In Equilibrium:

How people learn to become resilient

Like many words which enter our everyday vocabulary and then become watered down through over-use, the author of this article looks at resilience and acknowledges that although it has perhaps recently succumbed to this fate, it doesn’t follow that it is a concept without meaning. She looks into the decades of fascinating research carried out by 4 well-known psychologists to conclude that it is a collection of skills which can be learnt and that it is time for us all to understand what resilience really means.

3 simple yet effective ways to teach team resilience

An upbeat 4-minute article from America which explains why leaders need to be proactive about building resilience and suggests 3 techniques readers can apply to help build it within their teams.

12 tips to reduce your stress

Although this blog article has been written for those in the Australian property industry, it offers 12 short, practical reminders which many of us will find valuable.

The most toxic person in the workplace

Researchers at Harvard have been examining data from 50,000 employees to draw up a detailed personality profile of a ‘toxic worker’. No surprises that the conclusion is that it is best to avoid them through effective recruitment practices, but their research does offer hope if toxic workers already exist in your workplace, as this article from New Zealand highlights.

Training for Mind-Body Resilience

Interesting article which “explores the new biology of stress resilience, how it protects against stress-related diseases, and why exercise may be the best way to train it”. Encouragingly, we were pleased to read that current research suggests, like so many things in life, that moderation is the name of the game.

Laughter is the best medicine

This 3-minute video takes you to India with John Cleese who joins a laughter club and discovers the slogan “fake it, fake it until you make it”. We’d love to see laughter clubs catching on over here!