Newsletter Articles – toxic bosses, sources of stress and others

Posted by Amanda Furness

The Spring edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which included some tips for coping with a toxic boss; some surprising sources of stress and how to do away with them; life changes which can be made following a collapse from exhaustion; job-related stressors which may contribute to poor health; and an alternative meaning for that phrase “stuck in a rut”.

Toxic Boss at Work?  Here are some tips for coping
An Australian article which highlights how work related stress is affecting the southern hemisphere too.  The article details some coping strategies and also includes suggestions of what not to do.

Six surprising sources of stress and how to do away with them
A useful article which explains each of the sources of stress listed and also offers a practical ‘quick fix’ to help you resolve them.

Arianna Huffington on sleep, stress and why she won’t buy the Apple watch
A refreshing article from a business leader – Arianna Huffington describes the changes she’s made to her life since collapsing from exhaustion 8 years ago.  And it sounds like her attitude to personal wellbeing means that she’s not the only one benefitting as she’s instituted some of them into her workplace.

Five job-related stressors which are more likely to kill you than second-hand smoke
An American article about a recent study whose authors hope will give employee health a greater focus.  They analysed over 200 previous studies on workplace stress to come up with the 5 stressors which are most likely to contribute to poor health.  Thanks  to our NHS, in Britain we currently have one less stressor than our American friends.

… and finally …

If your morning or evening commute has caused your stress levels to rise, spare a thought for motorists in the Scottish highlands who recently found a different meaning for the phrase “stuck in a rut“!