Newsletter featured Mental Health in the Workplace Resources

Posted by Amanda Furness

In our first newsletter of 2017, we bring you 2 mental health in the workplace resources; a toolkit of materials and a report which, for the first time, brings together an analysis of the positive contribution people with lived experience of mental health problems make to the economy.

Take 10 Together Toolkit
This toolkit was originally developed by Mental Health First Aid England for World Mental Health Day 2016. It has been adapted to keep the conversation going and to provide a toolkit of ready to use materials to support mental wellbeing in workplaces, schools and communities.

Added Value: Mental Health as a Workplace Asset
A new report produced by the Mental Health Foundation and Unum has found that the value added by those with mental health problems in the workplace may be up to nine time the estimated costs which arise. The report’s aims were:

  • to understand the experiences of people working while experiencing distress
  • to explore the ways that managers and organisations respond to distress expressed by staff
  • to recommend whole-workplace strategies that support those who experience mental health problems and maximise the overall mental health of the workplace