Newsletter 72 Features Workplace Bullying – Aug/Sept 2013

Posted by Amanda Furness


Welcome to the August edition of In Equilibrium which features Workplace Bullying.

The summer of 2013 will be talked about with warm affection for many years to come after so many disappointing summers on the trot; we hope you’ll also find a talking point in our August newsletter which includes:

  • A link to our new video entitled Resilience at Work: Stress and Resilience
  • A refreshing stress tip
  • An Ask the Expert in which Fiona McLaren addresses the topic of workplace bullying
  • Our handy resource booklet entitled ‘Tips for Managing Your Own Stress’
  • News that we may not all turn into werewolves at full moon … but it may affect our sleep quality!


In Equilibrium News


Resilience at Work: Stress and Resilience
In our latest video, we explain what happens within your brain when you experience a stressful situation and describe the difference learning to take a breathing space can make.

New Testimonial
We received some excellent feedback following Dr David Mason Brown’s delivery of a Personal Wellbeing training course at Aberdeen City Council.

You can view details of our Personal Wellbeing course here

New Trainer
We are delighted to welcome Eve Winston to the team.  Eve is a qualified and experienced trainer who has successfully started delivering our Equality and Diversity Training.


Stress Management Tip


A non-alcoholic summer refresher!  For this month’s tip you’ll need a dry, fine day … then go for it.

Read our stress management tip here …

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Ask The Expert on Workplace Bullying


We answer a question from a reader whose job is becoming unbearable because of the behaviour of their practice manager.

“I really enjoy my job but my practice manager’s behaviour makes me wonder if I can carry on.  She constantly puts me down and criticises everything I do – both personally and professionally.  I know that my work is of a satisfactory standard as the previous practice manager always gave me good appraisals and the doctors in the practice still praise my work.  Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks she’s fine as she’s pleasant to them and makes sure all her nasty comments are made when we’re alone in the office, so it’s my word against hers.  I now dread going to work in the morning, is leaving my only option?”

In an uplifting answer to a sadly all too common question, bullying and harassment expert, Fiona McLaren advises that leaving is not the only option available and that whatever action is taken, the reader should try to regain a position of strength.  Read her answer here …

If you found Fiona’s answer helpful, you may be interested in the following courses:
Bullying in the Workplace: Training for Managers
Bullying in the Workplace: Raising Awareness

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Amanda’s Column


Amanda wonders why people can’t take holidays like they used to and hears about an enterprising idea which may allow us to go back to the good old days before email became king.

Read Amanda’s column here …

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In this edition we featured our training on stress management resource booklet plus the results of a study looking at enhancing wellbeing and performance in the workplace




“Happiness is not a brilliant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety.  It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment.”
James Donald Walters
Founder of Ananda, author and composer
(1926 – 2013)

“It is how people respond to stress that determines whether they will profit from misfortune or be miserable.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
University Professor, Author & Positive Psychology Researcher
(1934 – )

News from the Outside


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