Newsletter 97 – includes an Ask the Expert on how organisations can support staff wellbeing

Newsletter 97 – includes an Ask the Expert on how organisations can support staff wellbeing

Posted by Amanda Furness


This month, we are celebrating 20 years in business. The 20th anniversary edition of In Equilibrium includes:

  • In Equilibrium News – we look back over the high’s and low’s of our double decade
  • A Stress & Wellbeing Tip – our latest tip offers some suggestions for those of us who are affected by the lack of daylight during the winter months
  • Ask the Expert – looks at how an organisation can support staff to increase their wellbeing
  • Links to relevant external resources and articles that may be of interest
  • And Finally – a heartwarming story or what it’s like to prevent a suicide



In Equilibrium News



20 YEARS ON … In Equilibrium’s journey of resilience
We look back over the past 20 years from when the company started in Edinburgh in 1998 to where we are now and will let you decide if we present a case study in resilience!




Brian Glass


NEW TRAINER – Brian Glass
We’re delighted to welcome Brian to the In Equilibrium team. He is a knowledgeable trainer who’s open, honest talk enhances the quality of each course he delivers. Brian is fully qualified and experienced in delivering Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid and the Choose Life Suicide Prevention courses.



Frogmore Logo

NEW TESTIMONIAL – Frogmore, Real Estate Fund Manager
“By the end of the session we had all been challenged to double check pre-programmed thinking and to be more self-aware. We did have a chuckle or two along the way.”
Delighted to receive this feedback from the Chief Executive of Frogmore. You can see it and other customer testimonials by clicking on the title.





Statistics and evidence highlight why sexual harassment awareness training is essential in certain sectors

Time may be of the essence but claims of BHD can’t be ignored

Inclusiveness in the workplace – follow a path



Stress and Wellbeing Tip


Black and white photo of a deserted town street in the dark lit by streetlightsIf you’re struggling with the current lack of sunlight, our latest tip rounds up some of the more well-known suggestions, as well as a few less common ideas, to help boost mood and energy through the winter months ahead.

Read our latest tip

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Ask the Expert


Three people in a meeting with water, phone and diary on the table in front of them

The Question

“I read recently that for the first time in the year 2017/18, stress, depression or anxiety accounted for over half of all the working days lost in the UK to ill health. Can you suggest some ways an organisation can support staff to increase their wellbeing and reduce sickness absences due to these sources?”


Trainer, Dot Gourlay, outlines both reactive and proactive ways that organisations can support their workforce and increase awareness.

Read Dot’s answer here

Read our Ask the Expert archive


Amanda’s Column


A white chalk question mark on a blackboardThe office team’s away day this year may have taken place months later than originally planned but the unusual activity definitely made its mark on all who attended … read on to find out what we got up to.

Read Amanda’s column

The archive of Amanda’s column is available here





Stack of four brightly coloured spiral bound notebooksView the resources featured in this edition:
Workplace Stress: fulfilling your responsibilities as an employer – a toolkit of free resources from the Mental Health at Work charity
People Managers’ Guide to Mental Health – the CIPD have recently revised and updated their good practice guide
Health and Safety at Work – summary statistics for Britain 2018 from the Health & Safety Executive
Unconscious Bias Training: an assessment of the evidence for effectiveness
The Gender Agenda: World Health Organisation Europe’s new men’s health strategy



The silhouette of a tree branch under white cloudy skies during night time
“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Victor E. Frankl, Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and a Holocaust survivor, 1905 -1997

“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”
George Carlin, American Comedian, 1937 – 2008



News from the Outside

A selection of external articles which may be of interest:


…and finally …


Small dog standing on grass
What is it like to prevent a suicide?
You’ll know we like to finish with a good news story and what better for our 20th anniversary edition, and the final newsletter of another year, than to leave you with a story about a dog walker preventing a young man’s suicide?
It warmed our hearts and, once again, shows how life changing a timeous intervention can be … for both parties.



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