Newsletter Resources – Building Resilience and Handling Stress

Newsletter Resources – Building Resilience and Handling Stress

Posted by Amanda Furness

The theme of our first edition of In Equilibrium in 2015 was resilience and in our resources section we feature a report looking at the importance for business of building resilience in their workforce in both the short and long term plus a concise self-help guide to handling stress.

The Flux Report – Building a Resilient Workforce in the Face of Flux

This report looks at what businesses have learnt during the recent period of economic uncertainty and how it should shape their development plans for the short and longer term. By 2018, 91% of the HR leaders and line managers questioned believed that recruitment would be based on people’s ability to deal with change and uncertainty and 75% believed that employee wellness will have to be formally measured and reported.


Practical Guide to Handling Stress

A 14 page self-help guide produced by Teacher Support Network (although the advice given is general and not specific to education) looks at how stress arises, the symptoms related to it and some practical tips on how it can be managed.