Newsletter Resources for Mindfulness and Workplace Bullying

Newsletter Resources for Mindfulness and Workplace Bullying

Posted by Amanda Furness


In the Christmas 2015 newsletter, we featured an All-Party Parliamentary Group’s report into the benefits of mindfulness and a policy discussion paper on workplace bullying and harassment.

Mindful Nation UK

An All-Party Parliamentary Group recently published this report following over a year’s research and inquiry into the benefits of mindfulness. They make specific recommendations for Health, Education, Workplace and the Criminal Justice System and urge the Government, research institutions and other bodies to adopt their recommendations for the next 5 years. Chapter 4 (pages 40-50) looks at The Role of Mindfulness in the Workplace.

Seeking Better Solutions: Tackling Bullying and Ill-treatment in Britain’s Workplaces

A policy discussion paper produced by Acas in November 2015 which updates a previous policy paper on workplace bullying and harassment by Professor Duncan Lewis in 2006. The paper considers, amongst other areas, the limitations of traditional approaches to bullying and concludes that the most viable way forward may be “the development of a non-statutory code of practice and/or a high profile and concerted campaign targeted at demonstrating the business case for change”.