Newsletter Resources – Health and Wellbeing

Newsletter Resources – Health and Wellbeing

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our late Summer edition of In Equilibrium featured an article explaining why health and wellbeing are so important for productivity in the workplace and a website offering accessibility reviews for a growing number of public places.

The A-Z of Health and Wellbeing

This article highlights the areas in a workplace which can affect workplace productivity and wellbeing. Each area is backed up with examples, or figures and statistics, allowing you to build a case for their implementation if required.

Euan’s Guide

When Euan MacDonald started using a wheelchair as a young man, he realised that finding out whether access to public places was possible for him was down to trial and error. So, to save hours searching the web and making phone calls, he and his family set up a website. Euan’s Guide offers disabled access reviews of bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and many other venues to help disabled people and their friends and families across the UK.