Newsletter resources include a sleep and recovery toolkit

Newsletter resources include a sleep and recovery toolkit

Posted by Amanda Furness


The resources featured in our first newsletter of 2019 are:

Talking Toolkit Preventing Work-related Stress

From the “Go Home Healthy” campaign, a toolkit which shouldn’t be used in isolation but can help managers begin having simple conversations with their employees.  The toolkit contains six templates for six different conversations that have been designed to get managers and employees talking about issues which may either currently be causing work-related stress or have the potential to in the future, if not managed properly.

Sleep and Recovery Toolkit

A toolkit from Business in the Community, in partnership with Public Health England.  The toolkit is designed to provide awareness and advice to help employers tackle the growing trend of sleep-loss in the UK.   It “provides practical information for all employers (small, medium and large) on how you can create an environment where employees understand the importance of sleep and recovery and are able to make healthier choices at work and at home.”

Understanding Stress – What’s in your Stress Container?

An interactive tool from Mental Health First Aid England to help people understand how they experience stress.  It illustrates how some of the coping methods people choose can be either helpful or unhelpful in reducing their stress level.

First aid needs assessment

At the end of last year, the HSE updated its guidance regarding first-aid needs assessment in the workplace.  Included in the section ‘Mental ill health and first aid‘ are some suggestions for employers to consider.