Newsletter Resources – Managing Stress at Work and Mental Health

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our first edition of In Equilibrium in 2014 featured an article on reducing pressure at work together with a link to a wallet sized guide from the Mental Health Foundation to help individuals prepare for visiting their GP with a mental health concern.

Managing Stress at Work – Reducing Pressure

As a follow-up to our last edition where we featured “Managing Stress at Work – Early Identification”, this article on reducing pressure reminds you to think about the pressures your staff are under, identify those which you have influence over and consider ways you can help to reduce them.
If this resource was of interest, you may like to consider our Stress Management Training for Managers one day course.

A pocket guide for those visiting their GP to discuss a mental health problem

The Mental Health Foundation has produced a free wallet-sized guide which includes a little information about how to look after your mental health together with a check list to prepare for visiting your GP if you have a mental health concern.