Newsletter Resources to support the mental health of employees through Covid & beyond

Newsletter Resources to support the mental health of employees through Covid & beyond

Posted by Amanda Furness


The resources featured in our Autumn 2020 newsletter are:

Health and Wellbeing at Work 2020 survey

The 10th annual survey from the CIPD in partnership with Simply Health finds that although the number of sick days has reduced, levels of both presenteeism and leavism are widespread.  The CIPD provide downloads for the report summary, findings for both the public sector and the private sector, as well as a printable infographic of the findings of the survey.

Recovering at Work: How businesses can support staff who may be facing trauma

The Centre for Mental Health and City Mental Health Alliance have created a guide to help employers support their workforce through the psychological and emotional traumas they may have experienced this year.

Supporting Mental Health of Employees During and Beyond Covid-19 – a toolkit for business leaders and managers

Packed full of resources, this toolkit on the Institute of Employment Studies’ website is divided into 6 sections.  Section 5, Putting it all together (pages 26-44), includes a guide on how to protect employee mental health, promote good mental health and coping skills, and provide opportunities for employees to talk about mental health needs and access to mental health services.  Topics covered include fear and worry, burnout, grief and loss; and each topic follows the same format – what to expect, why it matters and what you can do.

Tips on how to sensitively talk to a neurodivergent team member

Acas have neurodiversity guidance on their website which has advice for employers, managers and employees including this resource to help managers have a conversation with a neurodivergent team member.

Toolkit : Being anti-racist in the workplace

The charity Mental Health at Work have teamed up with the Equality Improvement Manager at Mind to answer the question, as a workplace how do we become actively anti-racist? The result is a toolkit suggesting where you start, tips to consider and handy resources to investigate.


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